Revenge’s Men Dreamy Fake Pics!

There are so many great looking guys on Revenge that it is mind boggling. They each play such cheap oakleys sunglasses different types of characters so you love ‘em and hate ‘em at the same time!


Gabriel Mann grabbing on to what seems like a fantastic Fake Oakleys cock and he is also taking it in the ass which is twice as nice! I am going to pretend this is real! What the heck! Mann’s character is Nolan Ross.

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Nick Wechsler holds a really nice dick and his body looks great on the face attached! And another one having anal sex. His character is Jack Porter.

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If Joshua Bowman is truly hung like that I am moving to Hollywood. I have to see that in person!Bowman’s character is Daniel Grayson.


Barry Sloane still hasn’t gotten a face on a great body with a great dick. Nor has he shown us his package. For now I guess it is a sexy hair chest that we will have to settle for! Sloane plays Aiden Mathis.

See all of your favorite men of Revenge Nude here!

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