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Naked Twink Sebastian de Souza in Skins

Sebastian de Souza  is a real cutie. You don’t see hairy asses like that very often. I’m not sure how much I like that but to each his own! Souza’s career took off right away landing him in a small role as Matt Levan in Skins and also as Alfonso of Aragon  in the show The Borgias. See tons of your favorite male twinks naked here!

Luke Pasqualino Naked in Skins

The show Skins gave Luke Pasqualino some recognition when he took his clothes off, We can’t see the full on ass but just enough to see that it is fantastic. He also has a great face that is something that we can check out for hours. His most current film was Love Bite and it looks like he will be in the upcoming film Snowpiercer. See More Luke Pasqualino Nude Here!

Merveille Lukeba Naked!

Nude Merveille Lukeba bares his ass in the British show Skins. Lukeba was on the show as a guest star in 2009-2010 so we aren’t planning on seeing any more Nude scenes from that show anytime soon. Maybe he will get a role on TV or a film where they will show that beautiful body Naked, once again! See Merveille Lukeba Naked Here!

Mitch Hewer Naked!

Pretty boy, Mitch Hewer shows off a beautiful Nude body in this candid shot. Hewer is best known for his role as the gay charcter, Maxxie Oliver, in the drama Skins. See More Mitch Hewer Nude Here!

Joe Dempsie Naked!

Naked Joe Dempsie has a tiny squeezable ass. I love Twinks and he is the epitome of one. This cap is taken from TV series Skins where Dempsie played the role of Chris Miles. It was just announced that there will be a movie “Skins” in 2011! We will be ready and post the pictures as soon as they are available. See More Joe Dempsie Nude Here!