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Gregory Harrison Naked!

Gregory Harrison is Nude in this vintage picture from the film The Harrad Experiment. He has a lot of fuzz which was popular in the 70’s. This was Harrison’s first film and he was actually in an uncredited “Student” role! He has been making several guest appearances as Paul Norris on the show One Tree Hill in 2010. See More Gregory Harrison Nude Here!

Warren Beatty Fake

I think Warren Beatty is one of my favorite Vintage Male Celebs so when I came across this fake picture I decided to go ahead and post it. A person can dream! Beatty has had a long and successful career with films such as Splendor in the Grass, Bonnie and Clyde, Heaven Can Wait and Love Affair. See Your Favorite Vintage Male Actors Nude Here!

Tom Selleck Naked!

Get the cock on Tom Selleck! Although Selleck is known for his hairy chest he ought to be praised for his package too! I was a big fan of Magnum P.I. especially because he spent so much time shirtless. Selleck is going to be starring in a new TV series this fall, Blue Bloods. Let’s hope there will be some shirtless activity in this show, too! See More Tom Selleck Nude Here!

Garrett Hedlund Naked!

I love Garrett Hedlund’s naked ass! He appeared in the film Four Brothers as Jack Mercer. He is currently working on several films including Tron which is due to be released on December 17, 2010. Maybe we will get lucky and see him get nude in these upcoming films! See More of Garrett Hedlund Nude Here!

Terrence Howard Naked

Although there is steam in the shower scene, Terrence Howard must have taken a cold shower because his dick is pretty shrunken. He isn’t hung like a horse like we would like. I still love full frontal shots of any Black Male Celeb that I can get my greedy hands on! Watch for Howard in the new TV series Law & Order: L.A. See Your Favorite Black Male Celebs Nude Here!

Wes Ramsey Naked!

Nude Wes Ramsey has a sweet, creamy, white ass that I would love to wrap my legs around. I love the picture of him and Steve Sandvoss from the film Latter Days. See More Wes Ramsey Nude Here!

Eamon Brooks Naked!

Nude Eamon Brooks is hot! Now his facial expression caught in this screen cap is a little strange but who really cares when we have a nice package to look at? The scene is taken from the show Brotherhood where Brooks played the role of Victor Meleski. See More Eamon Brooks Nude Here!

Stephen Dorff Naked

Get the length of Stephen Dorff’s cock! His body is unbelievable too! This great scene is taken from the film Shadowboxer and I could watch it over and over!. Just wish it was me that he was getting ready to cum up from behind! Dorff has done other nude scenes in his films and none have disappointed me! See More Stephen Dorff Nude Here!

Hill Harper Naked!

Hill Harper bares a beautiful, black, naked ass for all the world to see! I sure would love to get my hands on that. You may recognize Harper from the show CSI: NY in his role as Dr. Sheldon Hawkes. He has been on the show since 2004. I would love to see him in a new movie showing some skin! See More Hill Harper Nude Here!

Adam Garcia Naked!

Nude Adam Garcia has a white bubble butt! I would love to be under, or on top of, that! These screen caps are taken from the film Fascinations. See More Adam Garcia Nude Here!

Rupert Penry-Jones Naked

Nude Rupert Penry-Jones has a nice set of Balls and a creamy white body that I would love to straddle. This scene is taken from the film Spooks (aka MI-5) where he played the role of Adam Carter. See More Rupert Penry-Jones Nude Here!

Sam Rockwell Nude!

Naked Sam Rockwell’s sweet ass couldn’t be more perfect unless it was spread wide. His chest isn’t anything to complain about either. These screen caps are taken from the film Lawn Dogs. Rockwell is currently in the film Iron Man 2 as Justin Hammer: a rival weapons manufacturer. He is in several more films in different stages of production. I am keeping my fingers crossed that there will be nudity in some of these films. See More Sam Rockwell Nude Here!

Ving Rhames Naked!

Nude Ving Rhames has a big beefy body and a sweet black ass. I am always on the look-out for my favorite Black Male Celebs, Nude. This picture is taken of Rhames from the 2001 film Baby Boy where he played the role of Melvin “Mel”. See More Ving Rhames Nude Here!

Max Parodi Naked

Max Parodi has a great spread ass in this scene from the Foreign film Trasgradire. I think anyone would enjoy being ridden by Parodi… I am certainly imagining it with a big smile on my face! See More Max Parodi Nude Here!

Darryl Stephens Sex Scene

Get Darryl Stephens (with Jensen Atwood) in this steamy sex scene from the show Noah’s Arc. Noah’s Arc was only on for 17 episodes during 2005-2006 but it had some really hot Black Male Celebs. It would be great if another show would come out with a focus like that. Black guys are hot! See Darryl Stephens Nude Here!

Daniel Craig Nude!

Daniel Craig is one of Hollywood’s actors that has absolutely no problem showing off nude in front of the camera. These screen caps of his package and his ass are taken from the film Some Voices. Craig has a hot body and that is probably why he has every reason to get naked whenever he can. Get Daniel Craig Nude Here!

Jude Law Full Frontal Nude

Jude Law has a full frontal nude shot in the film Immortality aka The Wisdom of Crocodiles. Law has done several films with nude scenes. He certainly has the body for it! Let’s not forget the sexy face to go along with it! See More Jude Law Nude Here!

Chris O’Donnell Naked

Chris O’Donnell shows off his sexy, bare naked ass in the film School Ties. He played Robin in the film Batman & Robin. O’Donnell is currently playing the role of Special Agent G. Callen on the TV show NCIS: Los Angeles. See More Chris O’Donnell Nude Here!

Andy Whitfield Nude

Andy Whitfield has a sweet, sweet naked ass. It is nice and firm and asking to be grabbed. This screen cap is taken from the show Spartacus: Blood & Sand. Whitfield plays the staring role of Spartacus. See More of Andy Whitfield Nude Here!

Jason Behr Nude!

Nude Jason Behr looks hot in the film The Tattooist. Behr is best known for his role as Max Evans in the TV series Roswell. He has just completed the TV film The Matadors. See Jason Behr Nude Here!