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Adam Rickitt Naked

  Adam Rickitt has a great body and I can only imagine what is behind that sink! Rickitt had a long running role as Kieran Mitchell in the TV series Shortland Street. He also had a small role in the show Coronation Steet. Get full access to all of your favorite nude male celebrities here!

What Will Rick Castle Do To Make Us Laugh This Year?!

Nathan Fillion is adorable! which makes the show Castle a great TV show to sit down and relax to. It is a comedic crime drama that will keep you smiling through the entire show! Nathan Fillion has a cute body and it is just about time for him to stand up and bare it all. This is just a teaser for ya! Fillion plays Rick Castle on the show. Jon Huertas has a perfect Latin body as far down as I can see. I will hunt and search for others that show him up and up! Huertas plays a kind...

Glee is Screamin’!

Glee is back and I will keep my eyes glued to the screen to see as much as possible of all of the gorgeous male Glee club singers and dancers. Now this is a great way to picture naked Chris Colfer. I can see him holding on griping tight! Fake Male Twink Actors are a total turn on! Colfer plays the role of Kurt Hummel on the show. Kevin McHale with a pecker that size? Well a guy can dream! McHale plays Artie Abrams and I will be bummed when he graduates. I want Matthew Morrison’s cock to be way...

Ashton Kutcher to be in Jobs

There are so many beautiful pictures of Ashton Kutcher that it was hard to pick. I decided on a sexy male celebrity sex scene in the film Spread. Kutcher has played in all types of roles in his very successful career. His career really took off when he got the role of Michael Kelso in the show That ‘70s Show. He is currently in the show Two and a Half Men. Another great show! Now go to the theatre and see him in the new film Jobs, Should be a good one! See your favorite male actors naked here!

Peter Dante Naked

I can’t find much about Peter Dante but he qualifies for the part of one hot perfect ass. Small, tight, yummy. He got nude in the film Grandma’s Boy. See all of your favorite male stars naked here!

Brad Pitt Naked in Twelve Monkeys

Brad Pitt shows his bare ass and boy is it sweet! This shot was taken from the great film Twelve Monkeys. He has done awesome films with tons of nudity. We will bring more and more to you! See More of Brad Pitt Nude Here!

Michael Fassbender Nude In Shame

Michael Fassbender is known for his bush and although this picture is kind of blurry you can see the hair sprouting out of his fantastic cock. The shot was taken from the film Shame. Fassbender is working on half a dozen films but there are none coming out any time soon. We will keep you informed with more of him Nude! See More of Michael Fassbender Nude Here!

Ryan Reynold’s Sweet Bulge

Get the bulge on Ryan Reynolds. And the way he fits in the underwear. And his chest and arms. And oh yeah, don’t forget his face – beautiful face! Reynolds has several fims in various stages of production but it looks like nothing any time soon. We will keep you updated with more hot pics! See Ryan Reynolds Naked Here!

Zach McGowan Nude in Shameless

Zach McGowan is one of the several hot guys in the show Shameless.The writers of this show have come up with the raunchiest episodes. Shameless doesn’t even explain it! It is addictive because it is like a train wreck! McGowan’s character Jody Silverman has decided that he likes kinky sense! See More Zach McGowan Nude Here!

Naked Xavier Samuel on the Beach

The camera was SO close to capturing a full frontal shot of Xavier Samuel while it appears that we has hanging out on the beach with a friend. Well, we get to enjoy the rest of his body. Samuel is known for his role in the Twilight sagas. His next movie, which has not been scheduled for release yet is Plush. See More Xavier Samuel Naked Here!

Antonio Sabata Jr. Naked in Wasabi Tuna

Now is that ass an ass or what? Antonio Sabata Jr. has one of my all time favorite asses around Hollywood. Sabata became a soap opera star on The Bold and the Beautiful. He play Dante Damano from 2005 – 2007. He has always had very steady work but nothing as a leading man. There’s still time with an ass like that! See More Nude Pics of Antonio Sabata Jr. Here!