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Rusty Joiner Naked

Rusty Joiner is in this nude picture pouring himself shots of the drink screaming orgasms. Now that fits when I take a look at that hot bod of his. His ass is perfectly round and those arms are amazing. His face is something else, too. Joiner has spent most of his career as a male fashion and fitness model but he has done some acting in films such as Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story and Resident Evil: Extinction. See More Rusty Joiner Nude Here!

Jason Priestley Nude

Jason Priestley’s bare naked ass (in the middle) can be seen in the film Calendar Girl. He stars in the film along side Gabriel Olds and Jerry O’Connell. Priestley is best known for his role as Brandon Walsh on the show Beverly Hills, 90210. He will soon be staring in a new Canadian HBO comedy Call Me Fritz. See More Jason Priestley Nude Here!

Eric Mabius Nude

Naked Eric Mabius has a tight white ass and it would be awesome to sneak a peak at his swinging cock as he runs up those stairs! This screen cap is taking from the film Wirey Spinell. Mabius is best known for best known for his roles as Daniel Meade on the TV show Ugly Betty as well as the series The L Word. His most notable films are Resident Evil and Cruel Intentions. He is just one of my favorite Nude Male Celebs! See More Eric Mabius Nude Here!

David Duchovny Naked

David Duchovny is baring his small white naked ass in a scene from the hit show Californication. Duchovny is probably best known for his role as Special Agent Fox Mulder from the TV series The X-Files. He is currently in the film The Joneses. See More David Duchovny Nude Here!

Michael Jai White Nude

What a body on Michael Jai White! I love Black Male Celebs and White is one of my personal favorites! This screen cap is taken from the film Ringmaster. White’s first major role was Tyson where he played Mike Tyson in 1995. He is currently in the movie Why Did I Get Married Too? See More Michael Jai White Nude Here!

Matthew Settle Nude

This screen cap has a shot of Matthew Settle’s cock, balls and ass. I must say he is not one of the most hung celebs in Hollywood, but hey, it could just be the angle of the camera, right?! He’s still really hot. Settle is best known for his role as Rufus Humphrey on the show Gossip Girl. Nude Male Stars Here

Eric Lively Naked

Eric Lively is one of the hot actors in The L Word. Lively has appeared in films such as The Butterfly Effect 2 and Sex & Breakfast. He will be in a new USA TV series, Covert Affairs, scheduled to premier July 13, 2010. See More Eric Lively Nude Here!

Jude Law Naked in Wilde

I found this great shot of Nude Jude Law’s from the film Wilde. Other great films that Law has done include: The Talented Mr. Ripley, Road to Perdition, and Cold Mountain. He just released Repo Men. See More Jude Law Nude Here!

Louis Garrel Full Frontal Nude

Louis Garrel is showing a great full frontal shot from the film Dans Paris. Other French films Garrel has appeared in include: Ma mère, Les Chansons d’amour, La belle personne and Non ma fille, tu n’iras pas danser. See More Louis Garrel Nude Here!

Jensen Atwood Sex Scene

Jensen Atwood Is one of my favorite Black Male Celebs. This is a hot scene with him and Gabriel Romero in Dante’s Cove. It excites me when I find male sex scenes. Atwood was also in the TV series Noah’s Arc and then also in the film Noah’s Arc: Jumping the Broom. See More Jensen Atwood Nude Here!

Brian J. White Full Frontal Naked

I love it when I find Black Male Celebs full frontal nude pics. This one is of Brian J. White from the film Redemption. White is a former football player gone actor. He has been acting since the late 90s in several TV episodes and small movie roles. Recently, he was cast as Marcus in the TV series Men of a Certain Age. He has a film, Politics of Love,  in post-production. Can we look forward to some nudity in it? I don’t know, if there is, watch for it here on Naked Actors! See More Brian J. White Nude...

Omar Epps Naked

Wow, is Omar Epps’ sweet black cock nice or what? It hangs so low that you can see his naked dick between his legs from behind. Nice dick Omar! These screen caps are taken from the film Conviction. Epps is best known for his role as Dr. Eric Foreman on the TV series House, M.D. He also played Dr. Dennis Grant on E.R. See More Omar Epps Nude Here!

Michael Vartan Full Frontal

I love when we can get a full shot of both the ass and cock and balls.This one is of Michael Vartan from the film One Hour Photo. Vartan is probably best known for his role as Michael Vaughn on the TV series Alias. He has just taken on the role as Dr. Tom Wakefield in the TV series Hawthorne which begins its second season this summer. See more Michael Vaughn Nude Here!

Jeffrey Donovan Naked

Nude Jeffrey Donovan has a pretty sweet ass as he showed us in the film Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2. Donovan is best known for his role as Michael Weston in the show Burn Notice. See More Jeffrey Donovan Nude Here!

James McAvoy Naked

Nude James McAvoy is caught with his pants down in his role as Dr. Nicholas Garrigan in the film The Last King of Scotland. McAvoy doesn’t have a hard time gettng naked in other films such as Shameless. He was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actor for the film Atonement in 2007. Not only does McAvoy do film work he is also known for his work in theatre too. His most current project is the film The Conspirator which is to be released some time this year. See More James McAvoy Nude Here!

Stephen Moyer Naked

Talk about a smooth and creamy ass. This is a clip of naked Stephen Moyer’ from the 2003 TV film Perfect. I would say that Moyer is best known for his role as Bill Compton in the series True Blood. He will also be playing the role of John Guidi in the film The Caller, coming out later this year. See More Stephen Moyer Nude Here!

Sean Penn Naked in Dead Man Walking

This is the epitome of a Twink. Sean Penn stands naked in the shower in a scene from Dead Man Walking. Penn has had a long and very successful career starting with Fast Times at Ridgement High as Jeff Spicoli. Some more of his films include Colors, Carlito’s Way, Sweet and Lowdown, The Thin Red Line, Mystic River,  I Am Sam and Milk for which he won the Academy Award for Best Actor. His most current film, schedule to be released in 2010 is Fair Game. See More Sean Penn Nude Here!

Adrian Pasdar’s Naked Ass

Adrian Pasdar flashes his bare naked ass in Just Like A Woman. Pasdar has been acting since the mid 80s in films and TV. He got a role in Mysterious Ways from 2000-2002 and then Judging Amy from 2003-2005.  He currently plays the role of Nathan Petrelli in the TV series Heroes. See More Adrian Pasdar Nude Here!