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Patrick Dempsy Naked in Some Girls

Patrick Dempsey got his start in cheesy 80’s flicks like Can’t Buy Me Love, Some Girls and Happy Together but he’s definitely improved with age. These days he’s known as Dr. Derek “McDreamy” Sheperd on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. We are grateful for those old teen flicks though, because that’s where we first got to see Patrick Dempsey naked! Get more of Patrick Dempsey’s Nude Movie Scenes

Kevin Bacon Naked!

Kevin Bacon has had a huge career of award winning roles and he’s not afraid to get naked on screen. In the 90’s flick Wild Things, Bacon showed his bacon for the first time! Get more of Kevin Bacon Naked!

David Kross Full Frontal Naked in The Reader

David Kross hit the American film scene with a bang. Only 17 for most of the filming of The Reader, Kross turned 18 on the set and was able to do his first full-frontal nude scene for the movie. With a cock that size, we’re pretty sure we’ll be seeing more of David Kross in the future. Get more of David Kross Naked!

Ryan Phillippe Naked!

Ryan Phillippe officially got his start, as do many other male celebs, as a soap hunk on One Life to Live. His real fame started to come in the form of creepy-but-successful teen movies like the I know What You Did Last Summer and Cruel Intentions flicks. Phillippe, once married to Cruel Intentions co-star Reese Witherspoon, first got naked in Cruel Intentions. He’s got a slew of new movies in the works. I’m most looking forward to The Stanford Prison Experiment. I’m expecting some naked torture going on there for sure! Get More of Ryan Phillippe Naked!

Dane Cook Naked!

If Dane Cook was looking for the perfect role to showcase his hot, ripped naked body he couldn’t have done much better than Good Luck, Chuck save for straight up porn. Cook is naked in a good portion of the movie and the DVD even offers an uncensored version. Get Dane Cook’s Nude Scenes!

Eric Balfour’s Balls

Nude Eric Balfour has had a solid TV career with shows like 24, Six Feet Under and the Law & Order franchise, but it looks like his movie career is about to take off. IMDB says he’s got a ton of films in production. In the past, Balfour has mostly done B movies. On the plus side, in said B movies he usually gets totally and completely naked. Get more Eric Balfour Naked!

Matt Damon Naked!

Matt Damon has a great Naked ass, as you can see from the naked pic of the actor above. This cap is from “The Talented Mr. Ripley.” Not Matt Damon’s first nude movie scene, but one of his most memorable. Get more of Matt Damon Naked!