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Brian J. White Full Frontal Naked


I love it when I find Black Male Celebs full frontal nude pics. This one is of Brian J. White from the film Redemption. White is a former football player gone actor. He has been acting since the late 90s in several TV episodes and small movie roles. Recently, he was cast as Marcus in the TV series Men of a Certain Age. He has a film, Politics of Love,  in post-production. Can we look forward to some nudity in it? I don’t know, if there is, watch for it here on Naked Actors!

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Omar Epps Naked


Wow, is Omar Epps’ sweet black cock nice or what? It hangs so low that you can see his naked dick between his legs from behind. Nice dick Omar! These screen caps are taken from the film Conviction. Epps is best known for his role as Dr. Eric Foreman on the TV series House, M.D. He also played Dr. Dennis Grant on E.R.

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James McAvoy Naked



Nude James McAvoy is caught with his pants down in his role as Dr. Nicholas Garrigan in the film The Last King of Scotland. McAvoy doesn’t have a hard time gettng naked in other films such as Shameless. He was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actor for the film Atonement in 2007. Not only does McAvoy do film work he is also known for his work in theatre too. His most current project is the film The Conspirator which is to be released some time this year.

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Sean Penn Naked in Dead Man Walking



This is the epitome of a TwinkSean Penn stands naked in the shower in a scene from Dead Man Walking. Penn has had a long and very successful career starting with Fast Times at Ridgement High as Jeff Spicoli. Some more of his films include ColorsCarlito’s WaySweet and Lowdown, The Thin Red LineMystic River,  I Am Sam and Milk for which he won the Academy Award for Best Actor. His most current film, schedule to be released in 2010 is Fair Game.

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Justin Kirk Full Frontal


This is a great Full Frontal and ass shot of Justin Kirk from the film Flannel Pajamas. Kirk got his first TV series role as Barto Zane in Jack & Jill from 1999 to 2001. He appeared in more TV and films until he landed the role of Andy Botwin in the Showtime series Weeds. He has been on the show since 2005. Kirk will be starring in the film See You In September being released some time in 2010.

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Robert Deniro and Gérard Depardieu in a Comproming Position



Naked Robert Deniro and Gérard Depardieu are happy campers as Dominque Sanda gets them off in the film Novecento, otherwise known as 1900. Novecento is from 1976 and it chronicles the lives of two men during the political turmoils that took place in Italy in the first half of the 20th century. Both Deniro and Depardieu went on to have successful careers but these naked screen caps have got to be my favs!

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Joseph Fiennes Sex Scene



Joseph Fiennes is playing Adam in this sex scene in the film Killing Me Softly. Not only does Fiennes work in film he also has extensive work on stage. His career has been going strong since the mid 90s. Fiennes landed the role of Mark Benford on the new series Flashforward. We haven’t gotten any Nude or Shirtless pics of him on the show yet but we are always watching out for them!

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Josh Holloway Nude



Josh Holloway’s bare ass and young innocent face are scenes from his very first film, Cold Heart (2001). Holloway got some roles in films and TV such as Moving August, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and NCIS but really hit it big with when he became James “Sawyer” Ford in the ABC Series Lost. “Sawyer” can be described as an overly sarcastic flirt. Unfortunately Lost is in it’s final season and I for one am going to miss the entire cast, which stars Matthew Fox. Hopefully, Josh Holloway will find himself more roles to bare his ass on screen!

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Will Smith’s Bare Ass



Look closely and you will see the very bottom of Will Smith’s balls in this shot from the film Wild Wild West where Smith played the role of Captain James “Jim” West. Smith came out with a boom in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and hasn’t stopped since. Some of the most popular films Will Smith has done include the Bad Boys series, Men in Black series, The Pursuit of Happyness, Enemy of State, Hitch, Seven Pounds, Six Degrees of Separation and Ali. Along with his acting career, Smith also found popularity with his music career.

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Clive Owen Naked


Clive Owen has nothing to be embarrassed about with this package. He is showing it off in Close My Eyes. Owen received a Golden Globe and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for the film Closer (2004) in 2005. Since then he has starred in films such as Sin City, Inside Man and Duplicity.  It was announced that he will be doing Inside Man 2.

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Simon Baker’s Naked Ass



If he would just move his arm a little teeny bit we would get a great shot of his cock! Well, the consolation is that we do get a damn good look at Simon Baker’s hot ass. These screen caps are from the film Book of Love that Baker did in 2004. Baker played Nick Falin in the show The Guardian from 2001-2004 and is now currently playing the role of Patrick Jane in The Mentalist.

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