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Patrick Warburton Full Frontal Naked!


Get this Full Frontal Nude shot of Patrick Warburton in the film The Civilization of Maxwell Bright. And his hairy body too… if that is what gets you off. Warburton is probably best known for his roles as Joe Swanson in Family Guy and Jeff in Rules of Engagement. Who’d have though Warburton had such a nice cock, while watching him in these 1/2 hour comedies?

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Bobby Cannavale Naked!


Who would have thought that Bobby Cannavale’s nude ass would be hairy? This steamy sex scene is taken from the film Kingpin. Cannavale has spent most of his career on the small screen with parts in shows such as Trinity, Ally McBeal, Third Watch, Will & Grace, Cupid and Cold Case. He does have parts in several films in various stages of production. Will he show his bare ass in these films or better yet full frontal nude shots?

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Keanu Reeves Getting an Awesome Blow Job!

This is a sexy shot of naked Keanu Reeves in the film My Own Private Idaho. Reeves has had a long career and has had no problem getting nude on screen. Some of the films you may recognize include Bill & Ted’s Excellent AdventureMuch Ado About NothingThe Matrix, and The Lake House. Reeves currently has several films in production with Henry’s Crime to be released sometime this year.



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Dermot Mulroney Full Frontal Nude Shot

Dermot_Mulroney_Intimate_Affairs_01 Dermot_Mulroney_Intimate_Affairs_03

This Full Frontal Naked shot of Dermot Mulroney is taken from the film Investigating Sex where he played the role of Edgar. Mulroney has had no problem getting nude in front of the camera. We like that because it gives us lots of skin to look at. Some of his other films include: My Best Friend’s Wedding, Must Love Dogs, Jolene and Flash of Genius, His most current film is The Rockford Films.

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Eric Mabius Nude


Naked Eric Mabius has a tight white ass and it would be awesome to sneak a peak at his swinging cock as he runs up those stairs! This screen cap is taking from the film Wirey Spinell. Mabius is best known for best known for his roles as Daniel Meade on the TV show Ugly Betty as well as the series The L Word. His most notable films are Resident Evil and Cruel Intentions. He is just one of my favorite Nude Male Celebs!

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