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Johnathon Schaech Naked in 8mm!

Get the balls and ass on Johnathon Schaech. Nude Male Celebs in film clips are my favorites – catching them in action. This film clip is taken from 8mm. Schaech is in the film Georgia, due to be released in October, 2010. Nude? Hopefully! See More Johnathon Schaech Nude Here!

Patrick Warburton Full Frontal Naked!

Get this Full Frontal Nude shot of Patrick Warburton in the film The Civilization of Maxwell Bright. And his hairy body too… if that is what gets you off. Warburton is probably best known for his roles as Joe Swanson in Family Guy and Jeff in Rules of Engagement. Who’d have though Warburton had such a nice cock, while watching him in these 1/2 hour comedies? Catch more Patrick Warburton Nude!

Bobby Cannavale Naked!

Who would have thought that Bobby Cannavale’s nude ass would be hairy? This steamy sex scene is taken from the film Kingpin. Cannavale has spent most of his career on the small screen with parts in shows such as Trinity, Ally McBeal, Third Watch, Will & Grace, Cupid and Cold Case. He does have parts in several films in various stages of production. Will he show his bare ass in these films or better yet full frontal nude shots? See More Bobby Cannavale Nude Here!

Mark Ruffalo Naked!

Mark Ruffalo is baring his nude ass in the film XX/XY. Ruffalo has done dozens of movies including Collateral, Reservation Road, and Shutter Island. He has several movies in various stages of production with Margaret due to be released this year. See More Mark Ruffalo Nude Here!

Keanu Reeves Getting an Awesome Blow Job!

This is a sexy shot of naked Keanu Reeves in the film My Own Private Idaho. Reeves has had a long career and has had no problem getting nude on screen. Some of the films you may recognize include Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Much Ado About Nothing, The Matrix, and The Lake House. Reeves currently has several films in production with Henry’s Crime to be released sometime this year. See More Keanu Reeves Nude Here!

Casper Van Dien Nude

Casper Van Dien shows his bare naked ass in the film Partners from 2000. Van Dien has done a lot of work both on the big screen and the small screen and isn’t afraid to get nude! That is why we featured him with all of your other favorite Nude Male Celebs! See More Casper Van Dien Nude Here!

Jason Patric Naked in Bed

I thought this was a great nude shot of Jason Patric in the film After Dark My Sweet. I think anybody would be lucky to be in a sex scene with Patric. He is hot and has a great naked ass. Patric is in the film The Losers which was just released in April. See More Jason Patric Nude Here!

Jason Segel Full Frontal Nude

What a great show of this full frontal naked shot Jason Segel in the film Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The movie was hilarious. Segel plays Marshall Eriksen in How I Met Your Mother. He has several movies in various stages of production. I personally can’t wait to see if he is going to appear nude in any or all of them. See More Nude Shots of Jason Segel!

Dermot Mulroney Full Frontal Nude Shot

This Full Frontal Naked shot of Dermot Mulroney is taken from the film Investigating Sex where he played the role of Edgar. Mulroney has had no problem getting nude in front of the camera. We like that because it gives us lots of skin to look at. Some of his other films include: My Best Friend’s Wedding, Must Love Dogs, Jolene and Flash of Genius, His most current film is The Rockford Films. See More Dermot Mulroney Nude Here!

Gerard Butler Nude Swinging Cock

Gerard Butler’s naked swinging cock and his bare ass is from the film Mrs. Brown. This is the first film that Butler did. What a way to start your career! Butler has done great films including: P.S. I Love You, The Ugly Truth and Law Abiding Citizen. His most current film, The Bounty Hunter, came out this past March. See More Gerard Nude Here!

Jesse Spencer Full Frontal Naked

This Full Frontal Nude shot of Jesse Spencer is from the made for TV movie Death in Holy Orders. Spencer has been a long time character, Dr. Robert Chase, on the TV series, House, M.D. Before movie to film, Spencer began his acting career on stage, mostly in his native born Australia. See More Naked Actors

Nude and Hot Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner’s naked ass is creamy sweet, This snap shot is taken from the film The Assassination of Jesse James. Although has done many films and TV work his best known film was The Hurt Locker.  His next film will be The Town, coming out September, 2010. See More Jeremy Renner Nude Here!

Joe Dallesandro Full Frontal Naked

I came across this vintage picture of a full frontal nude shot of Joe Dallesandro from the film Flesh For Frankenstein. According to Wikipedia, “Dallesandro is generally considered to be the most famous male sex symbol of American underground films of the 20th century, as well as a sex symbol of gay subculture”. See More Joe Dallesandro Nude Here!

Jason Priestley Nude

Jason Priestley’s bare naked ass (in the middle) can be seen in the film Calendar Girl. He stars in the film along side Gabriel Olds and Jerry O’Connell. Priestley is best known for his role as Brandon Walsh on the show Beverly Hills, 90210. He will soon be staring in a new Canadian HBO comedy Call Me Fritz. See More Jason Priestley Nude Here!

Eric Mabius Nude

Naked Eric Mabius has a tight white ass and it would be awesome to sneak a peak at his swinging cock as he runs up those stairs! This screen cap is taking from the film Wirey Spinell. Mabius is best known for best known for his roles as Daniel Meade on the TV show Ugly Betty as well as the series The L Word. His most notable films are Resident Evil and Cruel Intentions. He is just one of my favorite Nude Male Celebs! See More Eric Mabius Nude Here!

Michael Jai White Nude

What a body on Michael Jai White! I love Black Male Celebs and White is one of my personal favorites! This screen cap is taken from the film Ringmaster. White’s first major role was Tyson where he played Mike Tyson in 1995. He is currently in the movie Why Did I Get Married Too? See More Michael Jai White Nude Here!

Jason Statham’s Naked Tight Ass

A tight Naked ass like Jason Statham’s is great to picture on top of anyone! These are screen caps from the film Crank: High Voltage. Statham is busy filming several films right now. They are in various stages of completion. Some of the titles include: 13, The Expendables, and The Mechanic. See More Jason Statham Nude Here.

Jason Lewis Naked in Sex and the City

Talking about a sweet ass! Jason Lewis bares his nude ass for us in Sex and the City where he played Jerry ‘Smith’ Jerrod. He was in both the first film and we are now excited to see if he will appear nude in the upcoming second film! We want to see some skin! Lewis has also been in films such as Mr. Brooks and The Death and Life of Bobby Z. See More Jason Lewis Nude Here!

Matthew Settle Nude

This screen cap has a shot of Matthew Settle’s cock, balls and ass. I must say he is not one of the most hung celebs in Hollywood, but hey, it could just be the angle of the camera, right?! He’s still really hot. Settle is best known for his role as Rufus Humphrey on the show Gossip Girl. Nude Male Stars Here