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Christopher Lambert Naked!

<img style="display: inline; border: 0px;" title="Christopher_Lambert_The_Sicillian" src="http://naked-actors.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Christopher_Lambert_The_Sicillian_thumb.jpg" cheap oakleys alt=”Christopher_Lambert_The_Sicillian” width=”484″ height=”364″ border=”0″ /> Christopher Lambert is baring his Naked as in the film The Sicillian. hockey jerseys Lambert played Salvatore Guiiano in this film cheap authentic jerseys from way back in 1987. Lambert is best known for his role as Connor oakley outlet MacLeod in sex the TV series Highlander. See More Christopher Lambert Nude Here! cheap jerseys

Robin Williams Naked!

<p Cheap NFL Jerseys style=”text-align: center;”>Robin Williams flashes a full frontal cheap nfl jerseys nude fake ray bans shot in the film The Fisher King. We also get his ass. If you like hairy, he’s your man. Williams Matters has had a long career with a wide array of roles. <p style="text-align: hockey jerseys center;”>See cheap nhl jerseys More Robin Williams Nude Here!

Vincent Cassel Naked!

Wow… what a great set of Nude screen shots of Vincent Cassel in the film Irréversible.  He has a prety lean body and a really nice cock. This French actor has done both Foreign and American film work. He has several projects in various stages of development. Watch for him soon in Black Swan as Thomas Leroy. See More Naked Vincent Cassel Here!

Sean Maguire Naked!

If you pay close attention you can catch a glimpse of Sean Maguire’s balls in the clip from the film Kröd Mändoon and the flaming Sword of Fire. Maguire played the role of Kröd Mändoon in this series.  He is probably best known for his roles as Leonidas in the film Meet The Spartans. See More Sean Maguire Nude Here!

Jared Leto Naked!

Nude Jared Leto is showing is ass in the film Cool and the Crazy. Leto is probably best known for his roles in the film Requiem for a Dream and the TV series My So Called Life. Leto has played many different roles since he began his career in 1992. See More Jared Leto Nude Here!

Zach Gilford Naked!

Zach Gilford has a much hotter ass than I expected. He is super skinny on the show Friday Night Lights and just didn’t look like he would be so hot! Pleasant surprise! I would love it if he turned just a bit and gave us a Full Frontal Nude Shot! These scenes are from the film The Last Winter. See More Zach Gilford Nude Here!

John Stamos Naked

John Stamos has a great Naked ass. I have always thought that he has a great body but was excited when I found an ass shot of him. This nude scene is from the film Knots  from 2004.  Stamos is currenty playing the love interest of the character Emma on the show Glee. See More John Stamos Nude Here!

Matthew Goode Naked!

Nude Matthew Goode shows his cock and his great ass in these clips from the film Al Sur Del Granada. Goode has done other Naked scenes in films but no other frontal nude shots so I was happy that I found this one! See More Matthew Goode Nude Here!

Chris Rock Naked!

Nude Chris Rock has a great body. He appeared nude in the film Dogma from 1999 where he played the character Rufus. Rock has had a long career where he has played mostly comedic roles. I personally love him! See More Chris Rock Nude Here!

Jerry O’Connell Naked!

Jerry O’Connell has one sexy Naked Ass! I love the way it dimples in… makes me imagine grabbing on! He had a full frontal nude scene which came out in his new film Piranha. I can’t seem to find it but I will get it right out when it comes out on DVD. O’Connell is currently in the new show The Defenders. See More Jerry O’Connell Nude Here!

Desmond Harrington Naked!

In this film clip Nude Desmond Harrington plays the sexy detective Joey Quinn on the Showtime series Dexter. He Gossip Girl as a recurring character, Jack Bass, in 2009. It seems that Harrington is keeping himself with TV and doesn’t have any films in the works at this time. See More Desmond Harrington Nude Here!

Adrian Quinonez Naked!

  Get the birthmark on sexy, Naked Adrian Quinonez. This great ass shot is taken from the film Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds. Quinonez’s last film was in Las Angeles where he played the part of Rudy. He also had a part in the new show Undercovers which stars Boris Kodjoe. See Adrian Quinonez Nude Here!

Eric Bana Naked!

Nude Eric Bana is in this screen cap from the film Troy where he played the role of Hector. He has had a very successful career in with films such as Black Hawk Down, Hulk and Star Trek. Bana is working on the film Hanna with Cate Blanchett to be released some time in 2011. See More Nude Eric Bana Here!

Zach Galligan Nude!

Zach Galligan goes totally nude in this scene from the film All Tied Up where he plays the role of Brian Hartley. Galligan’s most current film was Cut which was released early 2010. See More Zach Galligan Nude Here!

Bryce Johnson Naked!

Bryce Johnson is baring his naked ass in the film Home of Phobia where he played the role of Tazwell. Johnson just got the role of Drew Thatcher in the new TV series Lone Star. After only two episodes the show was canceled. See More Bryce Johnson Nude Here!

Jay Mohr Naked!

Jay Mohr is caught nude in these clips from the film Seeing Other People. Mohr has had a steady film and TV career since the late 90s with roles in films in Jerry Maguire and Picture Perfect. He is set to guest star on NBC’s new fall 2010 show, Outlaw. See More Jay Mohr Nude Here!

Julian Morris Naked!

Nude Julian Morris played James Edwards in the film Whirlygirl. Morris just joined the cast of the new ABC documentary-style dramedy television series My Generation, as “The Rich Kid” Anders Holt. See More Julian Morris Nude Here!

Jeremy Piven Naked!

Jeremy Piven has a great naked ass. I would love to be under that any day! These screen caps are taken from the film Very Bad Things where he played the role of Michael Berkow. Piven has had a pretty successful career and can currently be seen playing Ari Gold on the TV series Entourage. See More Jeremy Piven Nude Here!

Peter Gallagher Naked!

Naked Peter Gallagher plays Michael Chambers in this 1995 film The Underneath. He has a smooth, creamy white ass and a nice chest to go with it! Gallagher is currently playing the role of Arthur Campbell of the new TV series Covert Affairs. It is a pretty good show – it has some hot guys and has had some shirtless scenes, which helps! See More Nude Peter Gallagher Here!