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Josh Brolin Nude ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Josh Brolin Nude ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Josh Brolin did his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge a little different than most. Instead of ripping off all of his clothes after he dumped a bucket of ice on himself, he just bared down right away. Look at his adorable naked ass!

Josh is starring in the upcoming film, Inherent Vice alongside Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. It should be a good movie to kick off the Holidays.

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Josh Brolin Nude ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Scott Speedman Naked


Scott Speedman has a remarkable body even though we don’t get the full frontal shot. I can imagine him entering me and the joy I would feel. The shudder….  Speedman is best known for his role as Ben Covington in the show Felicity. He also was part of the main cast of the failed show Last Resort. Watch for him the upcoming film Barefoot.

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Naked Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights


Mark Wahlberg got Nude in the film Boogie Nights were he played the role of Dirk Diggler. Wahlberg is not only a great actor but also a very well known producer. Some of the more shows he has produced include: Entourage, How to Make it in America and Boardwalk Empire. He is going to be playing the role of Chris Farraday in the new film Contraband, premiering January 13, 2012. Also watch for him in the film Ted, due to be released in July, 2012.

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Naked Justin Long in Going the Distance


Naked, Twink Justin Long has a great ass, but what about his package? We want to see it! The shot comes from the film Going the Distance… could that be in real life also? Check Long out in the new film For a Good Time, Call….He also plays the voice of Gary in the animated TV show Unsupervised.

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Naked Nathan Constance in Footballers’ Wives


Nude Nathan Constance shows his beautiful black ass in an episode from Footballers’ Wives. Constance made several guest appearances in the show. He is known for roles in Wonderland, Bad Girls, London to Brighton and Adulthood.

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Naked D.W. Moffett in Joe’s Wedding


D.W. Moffett gets Nude in the film Joe’s Wedding. We aren’t sure if the top picture is part of the film or if it is taken off camera, but what is he doing?! Moffett is currently in two shows. The fall show he is in is Switched at Birth and he is in the summer show Happily Divorced. Check him out in the new film The Sitter as Dr. Pedulla.

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Great Sex Scene with Josh Lucas


Nude Josh Lucas shows just a “teeny tiny” bit of cock in this sex scene. From this view you can tell you has a great ass though! Lucas recently starred in the film A Year in Mooring (2011) and is joining the cast of the new 2012 TV series The Firm. He is playing the role of Mitch McDeere.

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