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Wesley Snipes Naked!

Here is a great full frontal nude shot of Wesley Snipes in his very first film, Wildcats. Wildcats is from 1986 and boy does he look young! Snipes has had a long and successful career. His most current film is Brooklyn’s Finest. See More Wesley Snipes Nude Here!

Jude Law Full Frontal Nude

Jude Law has a full frontal nude shot in the film Immortality aka The Wisdom of Crocodiles. Law has done several films with nude scenes. He certainly has the body for it! Let’s not forget the sexy face to go along with it! See More Jude Law Nude Here!

Chris O’Donnell Naked

Chris O’Donnell shows off his sexy, bare naked ass in the film School Ties. He played Robin in the film Batman & Robin. O’Donnell is currently playing the role of Special Agent G. Callen on the TV show NCIS: Los Angeles. See More Chris O’Donnell Nude Here!

Andy Whitfield Nude

Andy Whitfield has a sweet, sweet naked ass. It is nice and firm and asking to be grabbed. This screen cap is taken from the show Spartacus: Blood & Sand. Whitfield plays the staring role of Spartacus. See More of Andy Whitfield Nude Here!

Kevin Spacey Naked!

Kevin Spacey showed his ball sack in his role as Michael Lynch in the film Ordinary Decent Criminal. His ass is begging for a tight squeeze. Spacey has had a very successful career with films such as Glengarry Glen Ross, American Beauty, and Pay It Forward. He currently has two films out: Casino Jack and Father of Invention. See More Kevin Spacey Nude Here!

Jason Behr Nude!

Nude Jason Behr looks hot in the film The Tattooist. Behr is best known for his role as Max Evans in the TV series Roswell. He has just completed the TV film The Matadors. See Jason Behr Nude Here!

John Allen Nelson Nude!

Nude John Allen Nelson is in the film Criminal Passions. It seems that the water may be a little cold! That doesn’t seem to interfer with the steamy sex scene though! Nelson will play “John F. Kennedy in the action/drama film Fire Bay to be released in 2010. See More John Allen Nelson Nude Here!