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Josh Hartnett Naked in Penny Dreadful

Josh Hartnett Naked in Penny Dreadful Josh Hartnett has the perfectly  smooth body for the camera to show off his ass on film. I know that his dick would be just as delicious looking! Josh has starred/co-starred in some great movies, including Pearl Harbor, Black Hawk Down and Lucky Number Slevin. He is now playing the role of Ethan Chandler in the new TV series Penny Dreadful. This is where fans of the show got to see this great sex scene. We can also look forward for the upcoming film The Lovers where Josh stars as James Stewart. Get tons...

Jack O’Connell Naked The Runaway

Jack O’Connell Naked in The Runaway Jack O’Connell is a lovely Twink who shows off his bare naked ass in the film The Runaway. You probably know him best in the British show Skins. If you love British TV or just nude male celebrity Twinks the seasons are available on Amazon! Jack shows of his ass in more than one episode! Jack has done several films this year including Unbroken alongside Jai Courtney, Garrett Hedlund and Domhnall Gleeson. It is going to be released December 25, 2014. It is supposed to be a great film. A real feel good film with super...

Dan Stevens’ Bare Naked Ass

Dan Stevens’ Bare Naked Ass Dan Stevens has a nice nude ass but what really catches my eyes are his unbelievable nipples. They are big! BIG! If you are in to nipple touching, licking, squeezing, boy is he your guy! You could spend hours investigating them. And a little added hair could make things even more interesting! This scene is from the film Hilde. He didn’t seem to have a problem baring his ass but what about his junk? Dan plays all types of roles in all types of different styles of movies. His most current role is in the...

Manu Bennett’s Naked Ass of Steel

Manu Bennett’s Naked Ass of Steel Manu Bennett looks like he is sculpted out of the finest piece of marble and then sprayed with the perfect tone of bronze. He is the man I would have gone for in the days of savagery for sure! Could you imagine wrapping your legs around that ass? Manu is doing this particular scene in Spartacus: Blood and Sand. He has co-starred in all of the Spartacus TV series so far.  Watch Manu for his third time in the role of Azog in the film The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. It...

Kevin Zegers Fully Naked in Transamerica

  Kevin Zegers Fully Naked in Transamerica Kevin Zegers shows the side of his nice dick and perfect ass in the film Transamerica. This clip shows it all. Kevin had the starring role of Toby. Kevin has had several starring and major roles in both TV and on the big screen. He is currently playing Owen in the TV Mini-Series Gracepoint. Watch for him in the lead role in the upcoming film The Curse of Downers Grove. Get tons of Male Celebrity Nude Videos Here! Kevin Zegers Fully Naked in Transamerica

Stephen Lang Sex Scene

Stephen Lang Sex Scene Stephen Lang makes this sex scene look totally real. He is definitely an expert at this position. Look out guys! The pics are from the film An Occasional Hell which I would describe as a good name for this hot sex scene! Stephen got his start as a Tony nominated (Death of a Salesman) Broadway theater male actor. He has also had a successful career on camera. One of Stephen’s best known roles was as Miles Quaritch in the film Avatar. Well, for you fans, good news, the next three sequels are in pre-production! In the...

Kevin Hart’s Sweet Black Naked Ass

Kevin Hart’s Sweet Black Naked Ass Kevin Hart has a body of perfection from head to toe. Get his upper body. It is ripped in all the right places. His ass is oh so sweet. Based on this I am sure a full frontal nude shot would be mouth dropping for sure! When you hear Kevin Hart you know you are in for a goofy comedy. It is a sit back and relax popcorn film. He does several films a year. His newest is Top Five starring Adam Sandler. He is starring in two upcoming films Get Hard and The...

Hal Sparks and Robert Gant Male Sex Scene

Hal Sparks and Robert Gant Male Sex Scene Hal Sparks and Robert Gant do a great male sex scene in the show Queer as Folk. It stunk when the show went off the air because there was always some sort of steamy sex scene going on between the guys. Hal is best known as Michael on Queer as Folk. He has since joined the cast of Lab Rats which has been on air since 2012. Watch for him co-starring in the upcoming film The A-List. Robert has worked mostly on TV since Queer as Folk ended. He did star in...

Jason Momoa’s Naked Rock Hard Ass

Jason Momoa’s Naked Rock Hard Ass Jason Momoa has one of the nicest male actor asses I have seen. It is so hard in this animated GIF that it actually sticks up in to grabbable mounds. Jason plays barbaric roles which make him even sexier, bringing out the man in him! Jason is currently playing the starring role of Phillip Kopus on the show The Red Road. When he isn’t filming there he is still working on the big screen. He is starring in the new film Wolves as Connor and also the upcoming 2015 film Sugar Mountain as Joe...

Thomas Jane Hung in Hung

Thomas Jane Hung in Hung Thomas Jane has a great size dick it is just a shame that the head got cut off! I love the pube area too! Animated GIFs are hot when I’m wanting to check out my favorite naked male actors. Thomas is keeping himself seriously busy this year. He has three movies out right now: Reach Me and White Bird in a Blizzard. He is also working on a new series, The Expanse, which is scheduled to premier in 2015. Check out your favorite naked male actor videos here! Thomas Jane Hung in Hung

Will Estes Fake Dick Pic

  Will Estes Fake Dick Pic Will Estes has a great looking face and if you dressed him down to this body it would be lust at first site for me! The pube area is interesting! Haven’t seen a bush like that in a while! Will is best known as Jamie in the TV show Blue Bloods.  He co-stars in the show alongside Donnie Wahlberg and Bridget Moynahan. When not on the set for the show Will also works on films. Watch for his upcomg movie Anchors. It is always a pleasure to see him bigger and longer! Get more fakes...

Julian McMahon Naked in Nip/Tuck

Julian McMahon bares his nude ass in this scene from the TV show Nip/Tuck. Nip/Tuck shows us lots of nudity and that’s why I tune in to the show regularly! He is one of my favorites on the show. McMahon has been a popular character on TV shows with roles including Home and Away, Profiler and Charmed. He is in the upcoming film Paranoia so check it out! See More Naked Actors Here!

Emile Hirsch Totally Naked!

Emile Hirsch has been acting since he was eight years old. He had some minor TV roles before he hit the big screen, but once he did it was all quality. Hirsch picked up roles in films like The Emperor’s Club, Lords of Dogtown with Heath Ledger and Alpha Dog with Justin Timberlake. Big fame found him after he took on the role of the real-life Chris McCandles in Sean’ Penn’s Into The Wild. The pics above are from his latest effort, Taking Woodstock. We’ve seen some nudity from Hirsch Before, and we’re hoping its a trend that continues! Get...

Chris Pontius Naked

Chris Pontius is one of the guys from the Jackass films and these are pics from his own handy work at porn! Not to shabby! Jackass 3D is set to be released October 15, 2010! More great stuff! See More Chris Pontius Nude Here!

Dennis Quaid Naked!

Wow…Nude Dennis Quaid has a killer bod. He is is way more muscular then I thought he would be! This film clip is taken from the film The Big Easy which film did in 1986. Some of his other films include Postcards from the Edge, DragonHeart, Smart People, and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. He has a new movie coming out in May. It is At Any Price. Nudity? Let’s hope! See More Dennis Quaid Nude Here!

Tom Cruise Nude Scene

Tom Cruise in All The Right Moves certainly seems to show them off in these screen caps with co-star Lea Thompson. Tom Cruise is one of out Mega Stars, (part of the 1980s brat pack) who got his start in the early 80s with the well known scene in the film Risky Business. Other films Cruise is well known for are Jerry Macquire, the Mission Impossible films, War of the Worlds, and Valkyrie. Knight and Day is due to be released June 25, 2010. See More Tom Cruise Nude Here!

Hugh Jackman Naked!

Hugh Jackman’s performance as Logan / Wolverine in The X-Men movies propelled him into mega-stardom. He’s been on everyone’s Sexiest Man Alive list, he’s hosted the Oscars, won a Tony award for his Broadway performance in “The Boy from OZ” and is just an all-around likable celeb. He’s ripped, hairy body and openness to go nude in films doesn’t hurt his popularity either. See More of Hugh Jackman Nude!

Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator

Naked Arnold Schwarzenegger is hot. This buff giant in his heyday wi as awesome to look at if you were in to great big muscles and a hairless chest. Actor gone California Governor was in action films. Schwarzenegger was awarded the title of Mr. Universe at age 20 and went on to win the Mr. Olympia contest a total of seven times. Schwarzenegger is in a new film The Last Stand. He also has 1/2 dozen more in production. See More Arnold Schwarzenegger Nude Here!

Andrew Garfield Fake Naked

Andrew Garfield Fake Naked Andrew Garfield is one of the most popular actors around right now.  This picture looks like it could be fake, but we really don’t know.  Either way it gives us major wood and something to think about for the next few days. See More Naked Actors Here Andrew Garfield Fake Naked