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Naked D.W. Moffett in Joe’s Wedding


D.W. Moffett gets Nude in the film Joe’s Wedding. We aren’t sure if the top picture is part of the film or if it is taken off camera, but what is he doing?! Moffett is currently in two shows. The fall show he is in is Switched at Birth and he is in the summer show Happily Divorced. Check him out in the new film The Sitter as Dr. Pedulla.

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Naked Alec Baldwin



Although this isn’t the best nude picture of Alec Baldwin we can see what a fabulous ass he has. Baldwin has had his fair share of public problems but he is a great actor. He was on Knots Landing from 1984 – 1985 and he was in one of my favorite movies, Beetlejuice. His acting career has been stable and we love seeing him in anything he does. He is currently the star of 30 Rock.

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