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David Boreanaz Full Frontal


This is a great set of pics of David Boreanaz’ ass and a full frontal. I think he is one of the hottest actors around. This screen cap is taken from the film These Girls where he played the role of  Keith Clark. Boreanaz’ career has centered mostly around the small screen. He played “Angel” in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and then played the same role in the series Angel. He currently plays the lovable FBI “Agent Seeley Booth” in Bones. Boreanaz has a new film, The Mighty Macs, due to be released this year.

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Louis CK Naked

Louis CK getting nude during an episode of ‘Louie’ the show that he wrote and produced.  We’ve seen the show and it isn’t great, but it has survived and still plays on FX.  Maybe Louis CK just needs to get naked in a few more episodes this season, spice things up.

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