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Justin Bieber Hangs Cock Shot

This might be a bit of older news but it is still fresh in the minds of Justin Bieber fans.  He finally did it, he whipped out that big penis for everyone to see.  He was probably tired about rumors so he got completely naked and walked out to see paparazzi. And see they saw. See out more delicious dong here!

New Show: The Crazy Ones

Among many new shows this season is the show The Crazy Ones.  It stars Robin Williams, one of my favorite male actors.  The show is about Simon Roberts (Robin Williams), an executive at a Chicago advertising agency. He works with his tightly wound daughter, Sydney (Sarah Michelle Gellar). There are an additional two hot guys in the show: James Wolk and Hamish Linklater. Dirty and extremely hairy Robin Williams shows off his dick, ass and ball sac in The Fisher King. Even though he is a little small doesn’t mean he can’t do anything he wants with it! Williams is...

Naked Eduardo Noriega in Nova

I love when we get full frontal naked shots of good actors,  of Eduardo Noriega has done Spanish film work and is just now breaking in to American films. We are hoping he gets some audience recognition so that he will get more parts. He is in the new film The Last Stand. Let’s see how he does! See More of Eduardo Noriego Nere!

Naked Ben Price in Footballers’ Wives

Nude Ben Price shows off this Full Frontal Nude Shot in this scene from the show Footballers’ Wives. You can tell from this peak shot that Price has a fantastic cock. He is best known for his role as Nick Tinsley in the show Coronation Street for which he has been a series regular since 2009. See More Ben Price Naked Here!

Naked John Simm in Forgive and Forget

John Simm is the epitome of a great Twink in Hollywood. This isn’t the best full frontal naked shot – but you get the idea! This cap is from the film Forgive and Forget. I am going to check it out and see if there is more to catch in the actual film. Hopefully, because I think Simm is totally fine. Check him out in the show Mad Dogs in the character Baxter. See More Nude John Simm Here!

Naked Antonio Banderas in Pestaňas Postizas

This Full Frontal Naked shot of Antonio Banderas was definitely done at a time when bushy was in. These screen caps were taken from the film Pestaňas Postizas. Banderas is currently in the recently released film Haywire and will be in the upcoming film He Loves Me. See More Antonio Banderas Nude Here!

Chad Faust Full Frontal Naked in Descent

Actor Chad Faust showed is mostly a TV show guest star kind of guy, but in the flick Descent, he showed us what he can bring to a film: a really  big dick! Faust got fully naked in the flick and left us wanting to see a lot more of this young actor. Get more Naked Actors!