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Michael Vartan Full Frontal

I love when we can get a full shot of both the ass and cock and balls.This one is of Michael Vartan from the film One Hour Photo. Vartan is probably best known for his role as Michael Vaughn on the TV series Alias. He has just taken on the role as Dr. Tom Wakefield in the TV series Hawthorne which begins its second season this summer. See more Michael Vaughn Nude Here!

Justin Kirk Full Frontal

This is a great Full Frontal and ass shot of Justin Kirk from the film Flannel Pajamas. Kirk got his first TV series role as Barto Zane in Jack & Jill from 1999 to 2001. He appeared in more TV and films until he landed the role of Andy Botwin in the Showtime series Weeds. He has been on the show since 2005. Kirk will be starring in the film See You In September being released some time in 2010. See More Justin Kirk Nude Here!

Viggo Mortensen Full Frontal

Nude Viggo Mortensen hot and sweaty in screen caps of the film Indian Runner – what more can you ask for.  Mortensen has been in the industry for years with films such as The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Eastern Promises, and his most current roles as “The Man” in The Road, for which he earned several various nominations. His next film, currently in the works is The Talking Cure. See more Viggo Mortensen Nude Here!

Ewan McGregor Full Frontal Naked

Scottish actor Ewan McGregor certainly isn’t shy about showing off his Nude body on film. He’s known to get naked in quite a few of his films. Next up for Ewan is I Love You Phillip Morris where he plays a prisoner and gay lover to Jim Carrey.  Initially the producers had a hard time finding someone to release the film in the U.S. because of its hardcore gay sex scenes. Looks like they’ve made a deal though, I Love You Phillip Morris comes out in theaters next month. Get more of Ewan McGregor Naked!

Chad Faust Full Frontal Naked in Descent

Actor Chad Faust showed is mostly a TV show guest star kind of guy, but in the flick Descent, he showed us what he can bring to a film: a really  big dick! Faust got fully naked in the flick and left us wanting to see a lot more of this young actor. Get more Naked Actors!

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Nude

Another Irish actor, Jonathan Rhys Meyers is best known for his role as Henry VIII in Showtime’s The Tudors. Rhys-Meyers isn’t afraid to get naked on screen and from his smooth, creamy body, we can see why. He’s also been the face boy of Hugo Boss and Versace. This film clip is from Tangled. Get more Jonathan Rhys Meyers Naked!

Colin Farrell Naked Sex Tape

Irish bad boy Colin Farrell  generally doesn’t seem to have a problem getting naked on screen. Over and over again we’ve see Colin in some raunchy naked sex scenes, but nothing will ever beat the Colin Farrell sex tape. Judging by the size of Farrell’s huge cock, we now know why he comes off as a little arrogant. Wouldn’t you be? Get the full Colin Farrell Sex Tape

Patrick Dempsy Naked in Some Girls

Patrick Dempsey got his start in cheesy 80’s flicks like Can’t Buy Me Love, Some Girls and Happy Together but he’s definitely improved with age. These days he’s known as Dr. Derek “McDreamy” Sheperd on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. We are grateful for those old teen flicks though, because that’s where we first got to see Patrick Dempsey naked! Get more of Patrick Dempsey’s Nude Movie Scenes

Daniel Radcliffe Naked!

It must be hard for actors who play squeaky-clean characters to break out of type casting. Case in point, Daniel Radcliffe. He’s known world wide as Harry Potter. His solution? Take on his role in the stage show Equus and get totally full frontal naked night after night. Radcliffe shed the classes and boyish looks for an all-man role, cock included. Get more Naked Daniel Radcliffe!

Josh Duhamel Totally Naked

Josh Duhamel’s face is everywhere these days with promotions for this week’s release of When in Rome. He’s also been a paparazzi favorite of late as rumors of affairs and problems with wife Fergie persist.  Former soap hunk and TV hottie turned movie star, Duhamel is most famous on the internet for his full-frontal naked pics. Get more of Josh Duhamel Naked!

Channing Tatum Naked!

Channing Tatum is one of Hollywood’s hot young actors that fans can’t seem to get enough of. Luckily, unlike some of his twink contemporaries, Channing isn’t afraid to go totally naked for the sake of his art. Get more Naked Channing Tatum Here!

David Kross Full Frontal Naked in The Reader

David Kross hit the American film scene with a bang. Only 17 for most of the filming of The Reader, Kross turned 18 on the set and was able to do his first full-frontal nude scene for the movie. With a cock that size, we’re pretty sure we’ll be seeing more of David Kross in the future. Get more of David Kross Naked!

Marco Dapper Full Frontal Naked!

Marco Dapper hit Hollywood just a few years ago with the intention of making it big as an actor. In his very first role, Troy in Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds, Dapper got full frontal naked. He has said that he was surprised at the huge fan base he developed after that role. We’re sure putting his big cock out there for the world to see didn’t hurt. Get more of Marco Dapper Naked!

Daniel Craig Naked!

Nude Daniel Craig has been a household name in England for a long time, but landing the role of the infamous spy James Bond starting with Casino Royale is what really propelled him to mega-stardom. The fact that Craig is willing to do full frontal naked scenes can’t hurt his career either! Get Daniel Craig Naked Here!

Paul Walker Naked!

Here  are some great Paul Walker nude pictures including a very well-done Paul Walker fake nude pic. The Fast and the Furious star has an awesome body and so far, hasn’t been afraid to show it off. We’re hoping he does more full frontal naked pics in his upcoming films. Get more Paul Walker Naked!

Eric Balfour’s Balls

Nude Eric Balfour has had a solid TV career with shows like 24, Six Feet Under and the Law & Order franchise, but it looks like his movie career is about to take off. IMDB says he’s got a ton of films in production. In the past, Balfour has mostly done B movies. On the plus side, in said B movies he usually gets totally and completely naked. Get more Eric Balfour Naked!

Marcus Patrick Naked!

Former Soap Hunk Marcus Patrick was reportedly fired from his role as Jett Carver on soap Days of Our Lives after doing this full-frontal nude photo shoot for PlayGirl. Since then he’s picked up some B movie roles here and there, but nothing compares to his internet notoriety for that hugh black cock of his! Marcus Patrick definitely has the goods and he isn’t afraid to show the world how proud he is of that schlong. Maybe he should start looking at porn as a career? Get more Marcus Patrick Naked!

Jamie Foxx Naked!

Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx recently admitted that the totally naked shots of him floating around the web were indeed him. He said he took the self-portraits trying to impress a girl. Judging by the size of Jamie Foxx’s huge black cock, we’re sure she was impressed. We certainly are! Get More Jamie Foxx Naked!

Shemar Moore Full Frontal Nude

Criminal Minds star Shemar Moore was making a pretty good living as a sexy soap hunk on The Young and the Restless, but these full frontal naked pictures snapped up and published by the National Enquirer paparazzi propelled him into nude male celeb stardom. These days Shemar is showing off his sexy black body on the set of Criminal Minds as Derek Morgan. Get more of Shemar Moore Naked!