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Naked James Floyd

    Here is another male celebrity with tons of pubes. James Floyd. It isn’t as popular to have a bush as it used to be. Now even the men pull out the wax! Floyd began his acting career in 2006 and is yet to take off yet. With those looks and that body it is sure to happen. We will wait it out! Get full access to all the male celebrity dicks you can take!

The Hot Men of Criminal Minds Returns

If you love the seeing hot guys solving crimes tune in to Criminal Minds The show is a little different because it focuses on the profiling of the criminal, called the unsub or “unknown subject”, rather than the crime itself. The awesome looking guys on the show certainly doesn’t hurt. I don’t think anyone is surprised nor disappointed in the cock on Shemar Moore. A full frontal naked picture of him has started my day off with a skip in my step. I now have something to think and think and think about for the rest of the day. Moore...

Jeff Stryker’s Huge Cock

Jeff Stryker has one hell of a cock. Perfect for a porn star which he was best known for. Stryker did some videos, shorts and TV but left acting in 1999. What a shame! See more big white cocks here!

Hugh Jackman Naked!

Hugh Jackman’s performance as Logan / Wolverine in The X-Men movies propelled him into mega-stardom. He’s been on everyone’s Sexiest Man Alive list, he’s hosted the Oscars, won a Tony award for his Broadway performance in “The Boy from OZ” and is just an all-around likable celeb. He’s ripped, hairy body and openness to go nude in films doesn’t hurt his popularity either. See More of Hugh Jackman Nude!

Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator

Naked Arnold Schwarzenegger is hot. This buff giant in his heyday wi as awesome to look at if you were in to great big muscles and a hairless chest. Actor gone California Governor was in action films. Schwarzenegger was awarded the title of Mr. Universe at age 20 and went on to win the Mr. Olympia contest a total of seven times. Schwarzenegger is in a new film The Last Stand. He also has 1/2 dozen more in production. See More Arnold Schwarzenegger Nude Here!

Hugh Jackman’s Dick and Balls

Here is a classic Full Frontal Nude Hugh Jackman. Unfortunately I don’t know what movie it came from which is a total bummer. I would love to see the full scene. What a great dick and set of balls! Check Jackman out in the new film Butter. See More Hugh Jackman Nude Here!

Andrew Garfield Fake Naked

Andrew Garfield Fake Naked Andrew Garfield is one of the most popular actors around right now.  This picture looks like it could be fake, but we really don’t know.  Either way it gives us major wood and something to think about for the next few days. See More Naked Actors Here Andrew Garfield Fake Naked

Naked David Hasselhoff!

David Hasselhoff did this Full Frontal Nude scene in the 1976 film Revenge of the Cheerleaders. Sounds like a corny movie, but great scene anyway! Hasselhoff is known for his role as Michael Knight in the TV series Knight Rider and as Mitch Buchannon in the Baywatch films and shows. See More Naked David Hasselhoff Here!

Naked Ramon Tikaram in This Life

Nude Ramon Tikaram plays Ferdinand ‘Ferdy’ Garciain the TV series This Life.  You can catch Tikaram in the new 2012 show White Heat. He has also been a sometimes guest star as Qadim Shah on the British Soap EastEnders. See More Ramon Tikaram Naked Here!

Naked Sam Trammell in Childhood’s End

Sam Trammell does a Full Frontal Nude scene in the film Childhood’s End. Trammell is best known for his role as Sam Merlotte in the TV series True Blood. He has been on the show since 2008, and will continue on the series in 2012. See More Sam Trammell Nude Here!

Naked Zachary Knighton in A New Life

Zachary Knighton shows a great Full Frontal Nude shot in the 2002 film La vie nouvelle. It was later renamed A New Life and he played “Seymour”. Knighton really became noticed when he took on the role of Dr. Bryce Varley in the show FlashForward. He stayed on the show until it ended in 2010. He just joined the cast of the new show Happy Endings in the role of Dave Rose. See More Zachary Knighton Here!

Joseph Mawle Naked!

Joseph Mawle sports a great full frontal nude shot of his cock in the film Clapham Junction. Mawle has spent most of his career appearing in TV series. His most recent guest appearance was as Benjen Stark in the show Game of Thrones. See More Joseph Mawle Nude Here!