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Bobby Cannavale Naked!

Who would have thought that Bobby Cannavale’s nude ass would be hairy? This steamy sex scene is taken from the film Kingpin. Cannavale has spent most of his career on the small screen with parts in shows such as Trinity, Ally McBeal, Third Watch, Will & Grace, Cupid and Cold Case. He does have parts in several films in various stages of production. Will he show his bare ass in these films or better yet full frontal nude shots? See More Bobby Cannavale Nude Here!

Mark Ruffalo Naked!

Mark Ruffalo is baring his nude ass in the film XX/XY. Ruffalo has done dozens of movies including Collateral, Reservation Road, and Shutter Island. He has several movies in various stages of production with Margaret due to be released this year. See More Mark Ruffalo Nude Here!

Keanu Reeves Getting an Awesome Blow Job!

This is a sexy shot of naked Keanu Reeves in the film My Own Private Idaho. Reeves has had a long career and has had no problem getting nude on screen. Some of the films you may recognize include Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Much Ado About Nothing, The Matrix, and The Lake House. Reeves currently has several films in production with Henry’s Crime to be released sometime this year. See More Keanu Reeves Nude Here!

Casper Van Dien Nude

Casper Van Dien shows his bare naked ass in the film Partners from 2000. Van Dien has done a lot of work both on the big screen and the small screen and isn’t afraid to get nude! That is why we featured him with all of your other favorite Nude Male Celebs! See More Casper Van Dien Nude Here!

Ben Stiller Naked

Who knew that Ben Stiller had such a killer body?  We’ve seen some shirtless pics of his hairy chest, but never anything of his naked butt.  Now all we need is the full frontal for the trifecta! Click Here To See More Naked Actors

Gerard Butler Nude Swinging Cock

Gerard Butler’s naked swinging cock and his bare ass is from the film Mrs. Brown. This is the first film that Butler did. What a way to start your career! Butler has done great films including: P.S. I Love You, The Ugly Truth and Law Abiding Citizen. His most current film, The Bounty Hunter, came out this past March. See More Gerard Nude Here!

Jesse Spencer Full Frontal Naked

This Full Frontal Nude shot of Jesse Spencer is from the made for TV movie Death in Holy Orders. Spencer has been a long time character, Dr. Robert Chase, on the TV series, House, M.D. Before movie to film, Spencer began his acting career on stage, mostly in his native born Australia. See More Naked Actors

Adrian Pasdar’s Naked Ass

Adrian Pasdar flashes his bare naked ass in Just Like A Woman. Pasdar has been acting since the mid 80s in films and TV. He got a role in Mysterious Ways from 2000-2002 and then Judging Amy from 2003-2005.  He currently plays the role of Nathan Petrelli in the TV series Heroes. See More Adrian Pasdar Nude Here!

Peter Krause Naked

We get a shot of Peter Krause’s bare butt in the show Six Feet Under. He is best known for this role as Nate Fisher. After Six Feet Under Krause moved on to the series Dirty Sexy Money and Nick George. He played in this role until 2009. He has just started a new series, Parenthood. Krause has a film, Beastly, coming out July 30. See More Peter Krause Nude Here

Dominic Monaghan Naked Shower Scene

Dominic Monaghan played Geoffrey Shawcross in Hetty Wainthropp Iinvestigates and that is where this naked shower scene comes from. He has a pretty sweet nude ass. Monaghan is also known for his role as Charley Pace on the show Lost and know plays Simon Campos on Flashforward. Maybe he will take a turn and swing his cock for us! See Dominic Monaghan Nude Here

Ian Somerhalder Nude

Nude Ian Somerhalder, former model-turned actor, is probably best known for either playing Boone on Lost or Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries, but he’s best loved by us for his hardcore, naked sex scene from a guest spot on HBO’s Tell Me You Love Me. Get more of Ian Somerhalder Naked!

Colin Ferguson Naked

Colin Ferguson is best known as his role as Sheriff Jack Carter on the SyFy series Eureka, but we love him best for his totally naked scenes in Rowing Through. Get more of Colin Ferguson Naked!

Adrian Grenier Naked!

Adrian Grenier is best known as movie star Vinnie Chase on Entourage. Vinnie gets around, and the HBO series definitely likes to show off Grenier’s goods. If Entourage is on, its likely you’ll at least see Adrian’s ass. Get more of Adrian Grenier Naked!

Johnny Depp Naked

I’ve been a fan of Johnny Depp since back in the 80s when he played Tom Hansen on 21 Jump Street. These days he’s one of the most sought after actors and was named People’s Sexiest Man Alive. His next big role will be as The Mad Hatter on Alice in Wonderland. The above naked caps are from his second film, Private Resort. Get more of Johnny Depp Naked!

Taye Diggs Naked

Taye Diggs plays Dr. Sam Bennett on Private Practice these days and is on of our favorite black male celebrities. The naked pics above are from his role in How Stella Got Her Groove Back. Get more Taye Diggs Naked!

Luke MacFarlane Naked!

We love Luke Macfarlane best as gay husband Scotty Wandell on ABC’s Brothers and Sisters, but the pics from above are definitely our all-time favorite scene. Luke played James Nichol in the mini-series Iron Road last year. While we didn’t get to see the full on cock shot, there were some great nude scenes and you can see the good dangling below that fine ass. Get more of Luke Macfarlane Naked!

Casper Van Dien Naked

Sometimes called a life-sized Ken Doll, Nude Casper Van Dien has a long career in film and television with dozens of roles. My personal favorite is Van Dien as Johnny Rico in Starship Troopers where we get to see him naked! Get more of Casper Van Dien Naked!