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Julian McMahon Naked in Nip/Tuck

Julian McMahon bares his nude ass in this scene from the TV show Nip/Tuck. Nip/Tuck shows us lots of nudity and that’s why I tune in to the show regularly! He is one of my favorites on the show. McMahon has been a popular character on TV shows with roles including Home and Away, Profiler and Charmed. He is in the upcoming film Paranoia so check it out! See More Naked Actors Here!

Wentworth Miller Naked!

Wentworth Miller teases us with a small ass shot in one of his films. Miller is best known for his role as Michael Scofield in the TV series Prison Break. His Next film will be Loft, which will not be due to be released until sometime in  2013. See More Wentworth Miller Naked!

Naked Bryan Callen in Fat Actress

Nude Bryan Callen showed off his cute ass in the show Fat Actress. He is best known for his role in the movie The Hangover and the sequel just came out May 26, 2011. Check Callen out on the new show Death Valley playing the role of Captain Dashell. See Bryan Callen Nude Here!

Ioan Gruffudd Naked!

Get that Creamy white Nude ass on Ioan Gruffudd. The clips come from the film Horatio Horblower. Gruffudd will be playing the role of Andrew Martin in the new TV series Ringer. The show is set to premiere September 13, 2011. See More Ioan Gruffudd Naked here!

Channing Tatum Naked!

  Nude Channing Tatum leaves a smile on my face too! What a hot ass! He bares it all in the film The Dilemma where he plays the role of Zip. Watch for Tatum in the film Ten Year to be released later this year! Also, some time in 2012 he will be playing the role of Jenko in the film 21 Jump Street. See More Channing Tatum Naked Here!

Aarón Díaz Naked!

  Aarón Díaz shows of his Nude ass in the foreign film Amor xtremo. Diaz is an actor, singer and model. He was born in Mexico and went to Televisa Acting School  Centro de Educacion Artistica (CEA). He currently plays Mariano Sánchez Suárez in the Mexican TV series Teresa. See Aarón Díaz Nude Here! Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Richard T. Jones Naked!

Richard T. Jones gets Naked with Taye Diggs in the film The Wood. Jones is best known for his role as Bruce Van Exel on the TV series Judging Amy. He is currently in the film Super 8 that came out June 2011. See Richard T. Jones  Nude Here!

Patrick Flueger Naked Butt

Patrick Flueger has had several small roles over the last decade, but nothing really fantastic.  He did show his naked butt, but we’re not sure what movie/series it’s from.  Later this year the remake of ‘Footloose’ will premier in theaters and Patrick Flueger has a major role. See More Naked Actors Here

Zac Efron Nude

I ran across this nude pic of Zac Efron and couldn’t believe my luck! He has a gorgeous ass! Tight and white. Grabbable! Efron’s most current film is Charlie St. Cloud. See More Zac Efron Nude Here!

Jeremy Piven Naked!

Jeremy Piven has a great naked ass. I would love to be under that any day! These screen caps are taken from the film Very Bad Things where he played the role of Michael Berkow. Piven has had a pretty successful career and can currently be seen playing Ari Gold on the TV series Entourage. See More Jeremy Piven Nude Here!

Usher Naked!

What an ass! Usher moons the camera as he climbs into his car and gives all of us Usher fans a big fat smile. Usher is one of the sexiest Black Male Celebs around today. Keep the pictures coming, Usher! See More Usher Nude Here