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Naked Rob Lowe in I Melt with You



Rob Lowe goes Naked in the water in the film I Melt with You (third from the left). He is seen with Jeremy Piven, Thomas Jane and Christian McKay in this scene. Lowe has done a lot of TV and film work. After leaving the show Brothers & Sisters Lowe moved to Parks and Recreations playing the character Chris Traeger.

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Steven Weber Naked


Get all the views of Nude Steven Weber. We get a cock shot, ass shot and I love how we get to see his balls between his legs. This is a screen cap from the film Single White Female. Weber was on Will & Grace from 2005-2006, moved to Brothers & Sisters from 2007-2008, and is now in the new series Happy Town.

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Jason Lewis’ Sweet Ass


Jason Lewis bares his sweet ass on screen for all to see on this episode from Sex and the City. Lewis played the role of Smith Jerrod on the show and both of the Sex and the City movies.  Lewis has done work on Beverly Hills 90210, Charmed and Brothers & Sisters. Some more of his film work includes My Bollywood Bride and Mr. Brooks.

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Rob Lowe Strapped



We’ve got some great screen caps of Rob Lowe’s bulge and super sexy ass in one of his older films, Youngblood. Lowe played Daniel Youngblood in this film about a young hockey player trying to make it in the word of the NHL with obstacles other than just playing the game. Lowe has had a fabulous career with hit films such as St. Elmo’s Fire, Oxford Blues, Youngblood, Contact and The Austin Powers films. From 1999-2006 he played Sam Seaborn on the TV series West Wing and he is now on Brothers & Sisters playing the sexy Senator Robert McCallister.

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Luke MacFarlane Naked!



We love Luke Macfarlane best as gay husband Scotty Wandell on ABC’s Brothers and Sisters, but the pics from above are definitely our all-time favorite scene. Luke played James Nichol in the mini-series Iron Road last year. While we didn’t get to see the full on cock shot, there were some great nude scenes and you can see the good dangling below that fine ass.

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