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Ashton Kutcher GIF Sex Scene


Ashton Kutcher GIF Sex Scene

Ashton Kutcher has a perfect naked bubble butt and a fantastic, lean, smooth chest. It is no wonder that he got his start as a male fashion model before he broke in to acting.

Ashton plays Walden Schmidt in the very funny show Two and a Half Men starring Jon Cryer as Alan Harper. Ashton spends half of his time shirtless in the show. He is very scruffy so if you like that combination and you don’t watch the show, it is time to tune in!

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Naked Cam Gigandet in Burlesque


Naked Cam Gigandet in Burlesque

Cam Gigandet has a fine looking body and he flashes his nude ass in the movie Burlesque. Gigandet is in several upcoming films so we are watching for them. If he shows any skin, we will bring it to you immediately.

Check Cam Gigandet out in the new film In the Blood. He is also starring in the upcoming film One Square Mile as Wes Jacobs.

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Josh Segarra Naked and Hairy from the Show Sirens

Josh_Segarra_real_GIF_01fJosh Segarra nude sirens

Josh Segarra Naked and Hairy from the Show Sirens

Josh Segarra shows off his super hairy chest in his guest appearance in the TV comedy Sirens recently. Then as he ran out of the room we caught a quick glimpse of his adorable ass.

Segarra pops up all over the place in various TV shows so I keep my eye out for this adorable hairy male actor. He was on the show The Electric Company from 2009-2011when the show ended. Hopefully he will get enough audience attention soon and landed a regular part so that we can see him more often! He’s a real treat!

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Josh Segarra Naked and Hairy from the Show Sirens

Julián Gil’s Faultless Naked Male Actor Body


Julián Gil’s Faultless Naked Male Actor Body

Julián Gil’s body from head to toe is total perfection. Because he is hiding his package we are left to our imagination. I am imagining pure ecstasy in that department also. Who wouldn’t? Gil is a male model as well as a foreign male actor. He is best known as Bruno Rey on the Mexican tv series The One Who Couldn’t Love.

Gil currently in the Spanish film Lotoman 003 as El Boricua. I don’t speak Spanish but watching him on the big screen would definitely be enough for me!

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Julián Gil’s Faultless Naked Male Actor Body

Twink Johnny Depp’s Bare Naked Ass



Twink Johnny Depp’s Bare Naked Ass

Johnny Depp was  the cutest Twink in his earlier years of acting and as he has grown older he has an older Twink body too. I can watch the GIF of his adorable Twink ass from the film Private Resort over and over. Plus those little pink nips on that oh so flat chest of his!

Depp has become very weird in the public eye through the years. Currently he has an English accent! Very eccentric!

Check Depp out in his newest film, Transcendence.  He is also in a ton of other upcoming movies including: Mortdecai, London Fields and Into the Woods.

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Twink Johnny Depp’s Bare Naked Ass

Cameron Monaghan Naked Ass on Shameless


Cameron Monaghan Naked Ass on Shameless

Cameron Monaghan has the perfect Twink ass in this GIF from the Showtime show Shameless. In the other GIF he is making out with his secret boyfriend Mickey (Noel Fischer). He has no problem being out. It is Mickey that can’t let anyone know. Monaghan plays the gay brother Ian Gallagher on the show. This makes it even better to tune in to. If you love to be shocked by outrageous behavior this is the show for you. 

We will be able to check Monaghan out on the big screen often in the upcoming months. He is in three upcoming films in various stages of production. He is starring in Mall, which is currently in post-production. I am hoping he gets to show some Twink skin in it!

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Cameron Monaghan Naked Ass on Shameless

Ashton Kutcher GIF Gay Scene?


Ashton Kutcher GIF Gay Scene?

Why is Ashton Kutcher (Walden Schmidt) waking up with actor Jon Cryer (Alan Harper) in this scene from Two and a Half Men. Looks like they had a pretty wild night! Because I don’t watch the show, I get to imagine what happened before he gets out of bed. Does Kutcher like Twinks for real?! If you like this seeing Ashton shirtless watch the show. He takes his shirt off all of the time.

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Christopher Meloni’s Naked Shower Scene GIF


Christopher Meloni’s Naked Shower Scene GIF

Christopher Meloni did tons of full frontal naked scenes in the show Oz. One of his most popular was this shower scene. We get a side shot of his ass and dick. Unfortunately we can see more bush than dick but you can still see that he has what it takes to please any man. Meloni also has a great upper body. Cut and definited.

Meloni played Detective Elliot Stabler in the television show Law & Order: SVU from 1999-2011. It totally sucked when he left the show. He added so much to it. He is back to entertain us on the small screen in the new show show Surviving Jack as the starring character Jack Dunlevy.

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Steve Zahn’s Cute Ass GIF


Steve Zahn’s Cute Ass GIF  

Steve Zahn has the cutest if not a little pudgy ass that he shows off beside Paul Walker in the film  Joyride.  Neither seemed to have a problem showing their back ends but the entire sets of scenes in this film, Joyride, they keep their junk covered up. I found this to be totally unfair. With a cute little body like that, I’ll bet his chubby is just as adorable, delectable, delicious!

Zahn just landed the co-starring role as Clark Edwards with Christian Slater playing his brother Ross Edwards in the new TV show Mind Games. Zahn was in the show Treme from 2010-2013 so I am glad that he moved right in to a new series so that we can continue to see him on the small screen.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Full Frontal Naked Cock GIF


Arnold Schwarzenegger Full Frontal Naked Cock GIF

This GIF of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s swinging dick in the film Terminator is one of a kind! How hot is that long dick to go with that beefy body. It expels the myth of what steroids will do to a man’s junk. Unless it started out bigger than THAT!

Schwarzenegger has never truly been known for his stellar acting but more for his beefy bad ass looks in action adventure films such as The Terminator series. He is back once again in the new film Sabotage. He may be getting a little slower and achier but he is hanging in there, gun in hand!  You can also get ready to check him out in The Expendables 3 this August 15, 2014.

p.s. Schwarzenegger is also working on his 4th Terminator film coming out some time in 2015!

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Full Frontal Naked Cock GIF

Gilles Marini’s Tight Naked Ass


Gilles Marini’s Tight Naked Ass

Gilles Marini is one of the most beautiful actors in Hollywood. He has a body that looks like he is scultped from marble. Look the bands across his chest in this GIF. Look at him pumping away and how the muscles in his ass move in rhythm in this even better male actor GIF. It makes me so hot between the legs I can barely stand it.

Marini is best known as sex pot Dante in the film Sex in the City. However, has mostly made his way around acting with smallish parts in TV but they have always screamed sex sex sex. He played Luc Laurent in the show Brother’s and Sister’s. He currently has a role as Angelo Sorrento in the show Switched at Birth.

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Gilles Marini’s Tight Naked Ass

JJ Feild’s Hung Ball Sack & Pubes



JJ Feild’s Hung Ball Sack & Pubes

JJ Feild’s Naked scene in the film The Tulse Luper Suitcase shows off his incredible ball sack and wild pubes. This film is definitely before the popular time of men waxing their pube area. Kinda sexy for a change. His pecker nested in a sweet patch of hair!

Feilds is currently playing the role of Marsac in the new TV series The Musketeers starring Luke Pasqualino.  He is also co-starring in the upcoming film Brave Men’s Blood. However, neither of them will be as impressive as this scene! Still can barely keep my eyes away!

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Max Martini’s Fake Cock


Max Martini’s Fake Cock

Mat Martini is handsome all on his own but with his fake cock and that nice fake set of abs he is even dreamier than ever.  When I close my eyes I can imagine what I could do to him with his real dick. Rubbin, touchin, squeezin.

If you like what you see check Martini out in the new show Crisis in the role of Koz. He is also in the upcoming film Sabotage starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Jason Bateman’s Asshole in The Change Up


jason bateman nude the change-up

Jason Bateman’s Asshole in The Change Up? Well, he is seeing something and it looks like a smile! Unfortunately he has his package hidden from us. Tease! Maybe I will check it out! Replay this scene on slow motion!

Bateman also has a great body when I can tear my eyes away from the mirror image. He has a cute tuft of hair on his chest. He looks sexy wet and a nice set of 6 pack abs.

Bateman got his start in TV in 1981 and then moved to the big screen in 2006. His major roles are romantic comedies. He is good in them.  Well, he is once again back on the small screen in the new show Growing Up Fisher.  Keep your fingers crossed for shirtless scenes!

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Kit Harington Has the Perfect Male Actor Naked Ass


Kit Harington Has the Perfect Male Actor Naked Ass. His entire body looks like it is sculpted out of a perfect piece of marble. And on that marble is placed the perfect amount of hair in the perfect places. If you look closely you will see that Harington has a treasure trail which I believe leads to a pot ‘o gold. My eyes keep wandering back to his perfect ass. It is so tight and grabbable. Delectable. Delicious.

Harrington’s acting career has taken off like wild fire. He has only been acting since 2011 getting a regular role in the TV series Game of Thrones and now he is starring as Milo in the new film Pompeii.

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Alex Pettyfer Grabbing His Own Naked Ass


Alex Pettyfer Grabbing His Own Naked Ass in this scene from the film Magic Mike is so very hot. He grinds on the girl and grabs the cash.  Watching him in action in this GIF makes my temperature at full heat. Tumblr sites can never keep up with these GIFs! However, where are the guys in this scene? I would be right there with them. I would be in the front row screaming for him to jump on me for the real ride of his life. He’d have to walk away with his hands covering his raging hard on after sitting in my lap!

Get Pettyfer is in his new film Endless Love as David Elliott. Hopefully after that film he will keep ‘em cumin’. Hopefully with fantastic scenes like this.

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Kevin Costner’s Perfect Naked Ass in Dances with the Wolves


Kevin Costner’s Perfect Naked Ass in Dances with the Wolves makes me howl at the wind. Costner had such a long tall drink of water body in the film. It has been years since I saw it that I forgot he bared his nude butt. I am definitely going to check Netflix and Amazon Prime. Worth watching just for this scene!

Costner is currently starring as Ethan Renner in 3 Days to Kill. He was also just recently in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.  As a Costner fan I am waiting for his upcoming film Draft Day, April 2014.

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Michael Ealy Naked and Beautiful



Michael Ealy Naked and Beautiful is the only way that I can express what I see when I look at this picture. Then to top it off, a GIF of him in the new film About Last Night. The movie just came out in time to introduce him to his new show Almost Human.

I love that Ealy has hair on his chest. It seems that most black male actors don’t. I can imagine his curly little hairs on his chest are awesome for me to run my hands over. And yum thinking about his pubes to! What do they surround? I am thinking a fine set of cock and balls!

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Nathan Parson’s Bulging GIF is ALMOST Naked, So…


Nathan Parson’s Bulging GIF is ALMOST Naked so I think it is worth putting on Naked Actors for all to enjoy. There is just a teeny-tiny piece of material between us and his package. The outline of his cock can definitely be seen. Parsons definitely falls in to my category of one of the hottest male actor Twinks around.

Parsons comes from the day time soap General Hospital. His role ended in 2012.   He just made a guest appearance on the TV show The Originals. Maybe this will give him a jump start in to prime-time TV.

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Matt Damon Nude GIF in Behind the Candelabra



Matt Damon Nude GIF turns me on beyond belief. Damon prepared for this film, Behind the Candelabra to get this fantastis body.  Even with his swimsuit on you can see what an incredible bulge he has. I would do anything to have Damon coming out of the pool heading toward me. His man-ini would be off in seconds!

Watch for Damon in the new film Momentus Men in Februrary, 2014. Then it will be a long but I’m sure a worthwhile wait to see him in Interstellar.

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