Jai Courtney Nude in Packed to the Rafters

<div id=”attachment_8929″ style=”width: 885px” class=”wp-caption aligncenter”>jai courtney shirtless packed to the rafters

jai courtney shirtless packed Cheap Oakleys to the rafters


Jai Courtney bares his naked ass in the TV show Packed to the Rafters.  I would love to pack his rafter!  Jai is a large and sexy male actor.  He also has an incredible hairy chest.  Jai is known for his role as Varro in fake oakleys the show Spartacus: War cheap nfl jerseys of the Damned.  He mostly oakley outlet plays strong tough guys to match his incredibly shaped body.

Check Jai out in the new film Suicide Squad alongside Will Smith and Jared Cheap Jerseys Leto.

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