Get Tuned in to CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

CSI: Crime Scene Data Investigation doesn’t really need to be a great show as fake oakleys far as I’m concerned. I would just try to solve the crime as to why the show doesn’t get these unbelievably gorgeous men shirtless.


Now if this were a real picture of George Eads’ cock, I’d be begging him to give me fake ray ban sunglasses just one chance to show him what I could do Cheap Jerseys with that!  Eads currently plays Nick Stokes in the show.


Well, unfortunately, we know that his isn’t really Eric Szmanda because he is a total ray ban outlet Twink. Not a dust of hair on his chest. However, for fake oakleys you that love lots of hair and a nice big dick, this picture has got to be driving you crazy! Check Szmanda out as Greg Sanders on the show.

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