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Joel Edgerton Naked GIF


Joel Edgerton Naked GIF

Joel Edgerton shows off his tight ass in this animated GIF from the television series The Secret Life of Us. I didn’t know the show would show off such great male nudity or I would have clicked on that channel and kept my eyes glued to the screen!

Joel chooses roles in such various types of films that you never know what he is going to show up in. His newest film is Felony which he is co-starring alongside Jai Courtney. Watch for him in the upcoming films Exodus: Gods and Kings (December, 2014) and Jane Got a Gun (January, 2015).

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Joel Edgerton Naked GIF

Joel Edgerton’s Perfect Male Actor Ass


Joel Edgerton’s Perfect Male Actor Ass

Joel Edgerton has a slim, tight ass. I love the dimple on the side that makes it super easy to wrap your palms around! mmm… Crotch tingling for sure! Joel averages two films a year. He plays roles all the way from the leading man down to very small parts. You never know what type of film he will show up in either. It might be an action/drama or drama/sport. He is a good actor and the directors of his films need to get him to bare more skin!

Get Joel in his newest film, Felony. Also watch for Exodus: God of King coming December, 2014.

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Joel Edgerton’s Perfect Male Actor Ass

Joel Edgerton Baring His Ass in The Secret Life of Us


I love the new GIFs that have come out showing off the real movements of totally sexy, nude actors. This is Joel Edgerton in The Secret Life of Us.  Edgerton played William ‘Will’ McGill in the show from 2001 – 2002. He gets some good parts in popular films so we get to see him in a couple of movies a year. Unfortunately for us Americans his next film, Felony, is only showing in Australia and Canada. Maybe Netflix will pick it up!  Until then I am loving his perfect ass!

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