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Ben Affleck Fake Nude


Ben Affleck has a surprise for us sneaking out of his tightie whities. Who wouldn’t love to come home to that gift? Me me me! Ben is one of Hollywood’s hottest actors and will be around for a long time not just for his amazing looks and great body but he is also a fantastic male celeb actor also.

Ben is in the new film Suicide Squad alongside Will Smith and Jai Courtney.  Definitely go see it with tons of sizzlin’ guys!

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Jai Courtney Nude in Packed to the Rafters

jai courtney shirtless packed to the rafters

jai courtney shirtless packed to the rafters


Jai Courtney bares his naked ass in the TV show Packed to the Rafters.  I would love to pack his rafter!  Jai is a large and sexy male actor.  He also has an incredible hairy chest.  Jai is known for his role as Varro in the show Spartacus: War of the Damned.  He mostly plays strong tough guys to match his incredibly shaped body.

Check Jai out in the new film Suicide Squad alongside Will Smith and Jared Leto.

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Vincent Cassel Naked in Irreversible

Vincent Cassel Naked in Irreversible

Vincent Cassel Nude in Irreversible

Vincent Cassel has a body that I want to touch from head to toe. Up and down and up again. H has that small line of hair all the way down his front, leading to a perfectly shaved manscape. Vincent is best known for his roles as Thomas Leroy (The Gentleman) in Black Swan and also as Marcus in Irreversible.  He is in the new film Jason Bourne coming out in the theaters July 29, 2016.  Also, he will be in The Great Mystical Circus as Jean-Paul in Paris later in 2016.

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Matt Damon Fake Nude – Fake Nude Male Celebrities

Matt Damon Fake Nude

Matt Damon isn’t known for being an asshole but it would be nice to know that he had an appealing asshole like this! I love the whole package. My eyes wander over the whole body ending with his face on top!  Anyone would jump in the water with him.  Matt is one of my favorite nude male celebrities so this fake adds to the excitement!

Matt is in the new Jason Bourne film alongside Tommy Lee Jones.  Check him out in the theaters beginning July 29, 2016.

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Dave Franco Fucked and Fucked Again


Dave Franco has sex with himself in this crazy GIF in his site Funny Or Die.  James looks like he’s enjoying being both his own pitcher and his own catcher.  James Franco is Dave’s older brother. Both are hotter than hell! Dave’s body is remarkably rock hard and his chest is as slick and smooth. Check Dave out in the upcoming film Nerve.

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Derek Hough Hurt?!

DWTS Wonderboy Derek Hough looks like he seriously hurt his foot at the Spring Break show. The Dancing with the Stars …star… instagrammed out this pic saying “The news isn’t good” and he’s in utter disbelief. Hough hung out at the ER with girlfriend Brittany Jean Carlson and fellow dancer Mark Ballas.


But you’re not here at to see his foot, now are you? Here’s a good look at that dancer-bod



Jeremy Renner Sex Scandal?

Jeremy Renner’s estranged wife, Sonni Pacheco, reportedly threatened to release “intimate” pictures and videos of the actor, if he failed to help her get a green card. The pair split in December and are battling for custody of their 2-year old daughter. It looks like things are already pretty messy and promising to get dirtier. Now we know those pics and videos are out there, though, and we CAN’T WAIT to see them. These kinds of things always have a way of making their way out to the masses. We’ll keep watching! In the mean time, here’ some pictures of Jeremy Renner’s sweet ass.

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jeremy renner nude

Male Celebs in Gay Sex Scenes



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Gregori Baquet in Grande ecole



Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain

Bradley Cooper in We Hot America Summer


Jaye Davidson in The Crying Game

James Franco in The Broken Tower


Jude Law and Stephen Fry in Wilde


Ewan McGregor in Velvet Goldmine

Aaron Milo in Eating Out: Drama Camp


Joshua Preston in 1951: A Portrait of James Dean


Patrick Wilson in Angels in America

wilson-angels-in-america-0e6c8dd9_infobox wilson-angels-in-america-cce9a1c0_infobox

Seann William Scott Naked in Balls Out Video

Seann William Scott Naked in Balls Out Video

Seann William Scott has a great nude ass and he shows it off in one of his comedies, Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach. Seann is known for his ability to keep people laughing in his goof ball films but he can also impress our eyes with great body.

Seann is in the new 2015 film, Just Before I Go. His costars include Olivia Thirlby and Garret Dillahunt. It is rating pretty good as a go to movie.

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Seann William Scott Naked in Balls Out Video

Hugh Jackman Naked in XMen: Days of Future Past


Hugh Jackman Naked in XMen: Days of Future Past

Hugh Jackman has an ass that has been sculpted from pure muscle with a layer of beautiful skin over it. His chest and arms as he moves toward you in the lower GIF are any mans dream come true!

Hugh is back on the big screen March, 6, 2015 in the new action/thriller Chappie. Then we don’t have to wait much longer because later in the year he will be in Broadway 4D and Pan. Three in one year!

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Hugh Jackman Naked in XMen: Days of Future Past

Benjamin Walker’s Nude Ass and Flowing Hair


Benjamin Walker’s Nude Ass and Flowing Hair

Benjamin Walker has a one of my favorite kind of celebrity butts. I also love his hair in the bottom picture.

Benjamin is best known for his title role in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. He has also done very well with his stage acting with his critically acclaimed role as Andrew Jackson in the musical Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.

Get Benjamin playing alongside Chris Hemsworth and Cillian Murphy in the new film In the Heart of the Sea.

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Benjamin Walker’s Nude Ass and Flowing Hair

Josh Hartnett Naked in Penny Dreadful


Josh Hartnett Naked in Penny Dreadful

Josh Hartnett has the perfectly  smooth body for the camera to show off his ass on film. I know that his dick would be just as delicious looking!

Josh has starred/co-starred in some great movies, including Pearl Harbor, Black Hawk Down and Lucky Number Slevin. He is now playing the role of Ethan Chandler in the new TV series Penny Dreadful. This is where fans of the show got to see this great sex scene. We can also look forward for the upcoming film The Lovers where Josh stars as James Stewart.

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Josh Hartnett Naked in Penny Dreadful

Ethan Hawke Nude in Before he Devil Knows You’re Dead


Ethan Hawke Nude in Before he Devil Knows You’re Dead

Ethan Hawke is super close to being a gorgeous Twink that I am going to go ahead and put him in that category in my mind. Get his little white ass and you can see why I picture him there!

Ethan is a fantastic actor with tons of great roles under his belt.  I would like to go under his belt, actually! He has been incredibly busy in front of the film for the past two years. He released several films in 2014 and he has seven lined up for 2015.

Check Ethan out in his current film, Predestination which was released January 9, 2015. Then he is following it up with Anarchy at the end of the month. Keep watching for Ten Thousand Satins, Good Kill, Born to be Blue, Regression and In a Valley of Violence.

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Ethan Hawke Nude in Before he Devil Knows You’re Dead

Kyle Gallner Nude Fake


Kyle Gallner Nude Fakes

Sometimes when I can’t find an actual naked picture of my favorite male actors I find naked fakes of them. This one of Kyle Gallner is a fun one! Sometimes you get the fakes with the celebs by themselves. The ones with them with other guys are even more fun. Great way to get the juices going!

Kyle is co-starring in the new film American Sniper alongside Bradley Cooper, another incredibly sexy male actor. He is also working on The Master Cleanse, Welcome to Happiness and Band of Robbers. Good year for Kyle!

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Kyle Gallner Nude Fakes

Jai Courtney Naked in Packed to the Rafters

Jai Courtney Naked in Packed to the Rafters

Jai Courtney has a nude body and face of a  Roman God.  For those of us that love our men big and hard he is it for us!

Jai has become known for his roles as a bad ass which again, when you look at his body it isn’t hard to close your eyes and imagine.  Jai’s new role as Hugh ‘Cup’ Cuppernell in the upcoming film Unbroken is sure to be a smash in the theater.

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Jai Courtney Naked in Packed to the Rafters

Jack O’Connell Naked The Runaway

Jack O’Connell Naked in The Runaway

Jack O’Connell is a lovely Twink who shows off his bare naked ass in the film The Runaway. You probably know him best in the British show Skins. If you love British TV or just nude male celebrity Twinks the seasons are available on Amazon! Jack shows of his ass in more than one episode!

Jack has done several films this year including Unbroken alongside Jai Courtney, Garrett Hedlund and Domhnall Gleeson. It is going to be released December 25, 2014. It is supposed to be a great film. A real feel good film with super got guys to watch. If you love the big buff guys you are in for a treat with Jai Courtney!

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Jack O’Connell Naked in The Runaway